Welcome and Some Great Big Thanks

We happily welcome you to our new website and extend huge, bigger than huge, thanks to Zacc Pollitt. He started us off with the terrific new logo and then came through with an equally handsome, fresh and useful website. Zacc is terrific and we hope that if you have a paying client to send his way you might do that. The guy’s gotta eat, right? Alas, we bought him lunch a couple of times, but otherwise he did this work out of love for this community and we are grateful.

For many years Paula White toiled as our web designer/master and watchful, thoughtful guide. Now that Paula’s gone and got herself a real job, we’re letting her off the hook at least for a while and at least on the website front. We’ll still count on her for the watchful, thoughtful part of all that she does for us. Thank you, Paula.

Have a Look Around

Spend some time poking around here. We hope you like what you see. We hope, also, that you will come back often to see what’s up with our Community Partners as they go about their work. They are making Nosara an even better place to live, work, surf, practice yoga, fish, raise a family whatever it is they came here to do or found to do when they got here.

If you click on a photo on the Homepage, you’ll get a little description that helps you know what you’re looking at along with those little arrow tools that will help you scroll through the array without returning to the homepage between each picture.

We hope to be able to change the photo array with some regularity, so come back to check it out from time to time. You never know when someone you know or love might be featured there.

If you click on a logo on our Partners Page, you’ll find your way (in most cases) to that partner’s website or Facebook page where you can see much, much more. If you find that clicking on the logo doesn’t take you anywhere, just come back in a few weeks. If that doesn’t work, and you’re able, consider volunteering to become a Facebook Page manager for the Partner missing a link. Most of our Partner organizations are run by volunteers with a passion for their mission but without time (maybe without skills) to do the social media work that can be so important to their growth and success. We know they would appreciate help and if you can offer it, please do. If you don’t know how to reach the partner you want to help, use our “How to Help” page, click on “Give Time” and fill out the form there. We’ll do the connecting for you.

Don’t hesitate to send us website contributions. If you take a great photo that represents to you something about the heart of this community, please send it along with info about where and when it was taken, who’s depicted, something about the situation. We’ll post it if we can and we’ll give you a little bit of promo for it as well. If you’re a writer and you attend a community event or see something happen that causes you to respond “I love it here!” write it up, send it along. We love the idea of using this blog space for writing from throughout our varied community.

We hope that over time our Community Calendar might become “Information Central” for community events in Nosara. If you know of an event that should be on our calendar, use the contact link to send us as much detail as you can about the event: Date, time, location, host/sponsor, admission price if there is one, target audience, purpose and whatever else a potential attendee might want to know. Don’t forget to let us know how to reach you in case we’d like some additional information.

All our blog posts will be signed. This one was written by Alice Olson, Secretary of Friends of Nosara