Nosara Love and the A-frames Tribe

I was going to come up with some profound words about Nosara and all of the people that I have met in my last year here. But as I scroll through this collection of photographs and watch this video, I realize there are no words that can express it as well as these images show.

The community of Nosara is like none I have ever experienced. Every minute spent together is lived to its fullest and filled with unfiltered love, affection, and laughter. I am convinced that whatever it is that we have in common that lands us all here, it is some sort of magic potion that can heal the deepest of wounds and build the tallest of castles.


“When you meet someone who
speaks the words in your heart back to you,
no matter where you are in the world,
you feel at home.”

And so when people ask whether I am staying here, I answer with utmost certainty that

“This is the place for me.
This is home.
I am not going anywhere.”


As someone who was raised a nomad, it feels strange and almost scary to be so attached to a place. But I have found that the inherently transient community of Nosara allows me to meet people from all over the globe and from all walks of life without ever having to leave home.

I am so grateful for all of the people that make this place so special. I thought it would be difficult, constantly having to say goodbye to people who quickly become such dear friends. But as the season transitions and people come and go I realize that, whenever they come and wherever they go, we will all always be closely connected by this place no matter how much distance may separate us.